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Magical transformation of photos and videos

Check out your creative side

Unique. Individual. Inspiring.

Magical transformation of photos and videos

Check out your creative side

Unique. Individual. Inspiring.

Innovative AI-based image editing software for Mac & PC

Creative photo editing conjures up masterpieces from photos and videos

Enter the new dimension of photo editing on your desktop. Artificial intelligence becomes creative intelligence and opens up new fantastic possibilities for your photo editing. You can realize your ideas like a pro – and that in super easy one-click style.

In no time at all, you can turn landscapes into Monet-style paintings, your video story into an exciting comic, or a simple selfie into a portrait that will leave you in awe. Have a style all your own? Learn the AI and apply it to your images. The Deep Art Effects app for your Mac or PC is a powerful creative image editor.

Quickly create great artwork from simple photos and videos.










Generate exceptional images with GAN function

GAN Generative Adversarial Networks: With the help of artificial intelligence, the software is able to create works of art virtually out of thin air.

It stands for a group of algorithms for unsupervised learning. Unlike previous AI models, no input is required. You create a new piece of art with each new click. Each image generated in this way exists only once and cannot be produced again.

AI-based photo editor transforms your works

The Deep Art Effects Desktop App offers four different AI buttons to choose from in the Pro version.

There are differences in the level of detail of the style to be transferred to a photo or video. Rendering can be done on a compatible CPU or GPU.

  • DAE Art Style

    Art Style KI

Create creative results from your photos or videos super easy with 120 different pre-installed art filters and adjust e.g. foreground or background individually.

  • DAE Art Style 2

    Abstract KI

Abstract AI is masterful at processing different art styles at once. For example, choose your own works as input styles and get spectacular results.

  • DAE Art Style 3

    Vincent KI

The Vincent AI analyzes patterns and structures and transfers them to your photo. For example, you can create an ingenious mosaic image and determine the intensity of the style yourself.

  • DAE Art Style 4

    Artistic KI

Use the most powerful AI in the software for maximum transformation power. Set the intensity yourself and be surprised.

Turn your images and videos into digital art.

Simple image editor for highly professional results

Click, click, wow! Enjoy the intuitive workflow and bring your ideas to life.

The fantastic features
at a click

You can choose to edit only the background or only the foreground.

Artificial Intelligence recognizes patterns and structures and transforms your image into digital art.

Take the liberty to customize brush size and style intensity to suit your taste.

Artificial intelligence automatically unlocks your images and also allows you to add bokehs, complete with a free-scaling depth of field.

The AI of the software scales photos intelligently and you can focus on your creative part.

Automatically colorize old black-and-white images/videos and bring them back to life.

Create studio-quality portraits with the Bokeh effect and create soft and particularly atmospheric backgrounds with freely scalable depth of field. You can also add this effect afterwards.

Start your discovery tour on the big playground for creative AI art now.

Your picture!
Your rights!

German data protection for your images

100% unique – 100% yours! The rights to the created images belong to you as the creator.



Freeware image editing software
also as advanced version

We offer you the Deep Art Effects Desktop app for testing as a free version with watermarks in the photos and limited number of trained AI art styles. See for yourself and then enjoy the Pro version with high-resolution image testimonies and unlimited AI art styles.

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Image editing software requirements
for PC or Mac


Windows 7 or newer (64-bit), 4GB free RAM memory, 2GB disk space


MacOS X 10.11 (El Capitan) or newer, 4GB free RAM memory, 2GB storage space


Ubuntu 14.04 or newer (64-bit), 4GB free RAM memory, 2GB disk space

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